Here I Am Lord

Officially, I have been an interfaith minister for one week, today.  I am finding it surreal that, just seven days ago, I walked down the aisle of All Soul's Church in New York City, choking out the chorus of "Here I Am Lord." 

 Processing into Church

This past week, I have meditated on how I got to this point in my journey.  I remembered the discussions, as I child, with Sister Superior.  She had asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I told her a priest.  She said girls can't become priests; however, I could become a bride of Jesus by going into the convent.  No Way!  I didn't want to be married to Jesus, I wanted to be one of his buddies. Clearly, I had a lot of problems when I voiced this to Sister.

Later in life, I continued to feel the calling to serve.  I looked at various programs, degrees, opportunities.  I did what I could, when I could but continued to feel that my calling was deeper.  

As the years moved by, I became more articulate with what I believed and why.  I knew, for instance, that we are all connected - all part of the great Cosmos.  I also knew that Love is what brings us together and what joins us, each to the other.

When I finally found The New Seminary of Interfaith Studies, I had almost given up the thought of becoming an ordained minister.  However, as I read their webpages, I realized that everything I had read, studied, discussed and written about had led me to this moment in time.

 Receiving a blessing

So, what has changed since last Saturday's ordination.  Only the title before my name.  Everything else is as it was - I am still a mother/grandmother, writer, teacher, poet, and minister to all who cross my path.

I would like to share the vows I wrote for my ordination.

They are:    
  • To hold Love as the greatest Truth  
  • To see the Divine in all creatures and all of creation
  • To recognize  that all individuals follow their own path to Truth and Light 
  • To respect the various differences and great diversity of my brothers and sisters 
  • To perform my duties as minister without prejudice, harm or judgement.
With the grace of Spirit, I know I will be able to do my best.

 Newly ordained - 
Reverend Linda and Roger




wenwolf said…
I / we are so proud of you and "blessed" to have you in our lives. You challenge me about my own beliefs / non-beliefs which I appreciate, profoundly. Your vows are perfect.

Danke for everything.
Dearest Wen and Kirsten,

Love you both...Danke to you both for being in my life! Can't wait for next May!!
Julie Luek said…
Congratulations-- from reading your blog I know you'll be a blessing in many lives.
This is a beautiful moment for you and all of us who share in your life.
The story of the wish to be a priest touched me deeply as well. Women were the original priestesses and we are coming full circle with the ordination of women to serve the community in sacred ways.
A applaud your journey and wish you light on your journey.
Thank you dear Julie and Isabella for your kind words and support.

Blessings, always!

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