The Enchanted Cottage

Over the past ten years, Roger and I have literally planted hundreds of trees, bushes, flowers and herbs around our home.  When we first moved into The Enchanted Cottage, it was less than enchanting.  Literally, it was a Cape Cod style house on grass.  

Above is an aerial view of the house (red roof) just after we began planting trees and shrubs.  As you can see, it was pretty much open to everything.

Now, however, our home is very enchanting.  We have hidden gardens and beautiful greenery all year round.  Friends and relatives love to come sit in our yard.  Animals - birds, butterflies, bunnies, frogs, possum and even the neighbor's chickens - come to visit, enjoying the flora as much as we do.

Here are some pictures of our Enchanted Cottage, now.

 The backyard filled with herbs, roses, flowers and a cherry tree

 Path to the secret garden!

 Wind chimes and prayer flags

One of our many critters - can you see him?

The "Ladies" on their stroll through the yard.
Creating our gardens has been a work of love, spirit and wonder.  Often, we have "rescued" plants that others were throwing away.  For instance, the local nursery had the cherry tree in their pile to be chipped.  When I asked the owner about it, he said the tree was dead.  I could tell it was very much alive and asked if I could have it.  He said sure, but it wouldn't live much longer.  That was ten years ago and as you can see here, our cherry tree is doing great!

 Our Cherry Tree in full bloom - April 2013

 This week - all the blooms are gone but lovely and green

Our Cherry Tree Tunnel

As spring slowly slips into summer, may you all find a place that is "enchanted," where you can nurture your soul, relax your mind and connect with the beauty of Nature.
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Miruh said…
Thanks for sharing your beautiful sanctuary Linda, it is inspiring to see how year by year it grows with abundant beauty and serenity. You are so blessed!
Kath Fearing said…
I think it is as much you and Roger as the plants that make your cottage enchanted. Lovely.
Julie Luek said…
Just looking at the photos was a bit of respite. Lovely. Thank you for sharing your sanctuary.

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