Annual Memorial for Those Who Died Homeless

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Today, May 22, I participated in an interfaith memorial service held on the town commons in Greenfield, MA.  I have attended many memorial services, but this was the first time I had attended and participated in a service for those who had died homeless.
Reading a prayer for those who died homeless

The Interfaith Council of Franklin County (ICFC), of which I am a member, has held this service in May for close to 15 years.  Each year, we pray will be the last.  Nationwide, the observance is held on the winter solstice. But, for those of us in ICFC, the observance is in the spring.

These are the words I wrote and read at the service. I ask that as you read them, you hold the the memory of the homeless - men, women and children - in your heart.

We gather here today to remember - Remember those who have no homes - Remember those who have found no comfort - Remember those turned away - Remember those who are our brothers and sisters. 

We gather here to ask that these beloved forgotten find, in death, the peace they could not find in life. 

May the memory of these beloveds, whose names may not be known to us, or forgotten by others, be etched in our hearts. 

We ask that the grace of resources be expanded so that our brothers and sisters will no longer wander cold dark streets - No longer shelter under bridges or in tunnels - No longer scrounge for the cast offs of our bounty. 

Great One, we ask that you hold the spirits of all the homeless - all the nameless - all the forgotten close to you.

May they rest in Peace.


Statistics in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless


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Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing this. Every life matters, each soul has a purpose. I believe it is important to bear witness--especially when others can't (or won't).
Julie Luek said…
Thank you for sharing your words. We need to be pricked every now and again and reminded that in our wealthy country not all are taken care of. That should and does bother our hearts.
Your words are very moving. It's true that every life matters and everyone has a purpose. God bless you and your good work.
Linda said…
Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts. Together, we make a difference!

Blessings, L

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