When You Wish Upon a Star

When my daughter, Elizabeth, handed me the star that she drew at age 5, something told me to save it - it was special.  This past holiday, when my granddaughter handed me her star at age 5, I realized why I had saved Elizabeth's star all those years ago.  As you can see from the photo below, they look incredibly similar, yet, my granddaughter had never seen Elizabeth's star, nor had any of us asked her to make one.  She simply presented the drawing to me as a gift.

Elizabeth, from the time she was very small, loved to draw, create, and design.  After many years, she is doing just that as a designer from a local company with high fashion clients.  Her wish became her reality.

My little granddaughter, also, tells us she wants to create things.  She loves drawing and, since very early in life, has created some of the most beautiful works of art, one of which my daughter and son-in-law had made into a necklace for me this Christmas.

My Family, by CJF 2012 - original artwork used to create a necklace.  

So, why am I sharing all this?  Because, it occurred to me, as I looked at my beautiful necklace, that parents have such an influence on the lives of their children.

Years ago, when my daughter and her sisters were young, I supported their dreams.  I gave them opportunities to explore, discover and create.  They never heard negative comments about being interested in art, science, writing, history, theater, etc.  

At the time, I was criticized by some of their peers' parents, who believed encouraging children's creativity doomed them to lives of poverty and disappointment. (i.e.: The starving artist!) I, on the other hand, believed that by giving children support as they explored their world, regardless of how that manifested, enabled children to create solid foundations for their dreams.  To do otherwise, I believe, leads to adults, who hate their jobs, are never satisfied with their lives and are constantly searching for more.

Will my granddaughter follow in her aunt's footsteps and become an artist of some kind?  Who knows!  What I do know is that if she should wish upon that star, she will get all the support available from her parents, grandparents and family.  

After all, dreams DO come true!

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