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DSC03082 - full moon
DSC03082 - full moon (Photo credit: RaeAllen)

The muse is working overtime during this Poem-a-Day challenge!  I have not only written one poem for the last two days, but other poems have come as well! 

The "matches" prompt sent the following poem late last night.
She had fanned the flames - 
with each strike - some warmth 
took the chill from her soul 

She had fanned the flames, 
holding the light close, 
believing that it could last 

She had fanned the flames - 
until one last match 
burned itself out with a sigh 

She had fanned the flames - 
but this love had died, 
long ago, in the cold of night 
© 2012 LMRN 

Today, the prompt was one of my favorite topics to write about - the full moon!  You can read my first attempt written early this morning on the Poetic Asides site.  Here is the poem that came to me as I drove to teach class this afternoon.


You ask, with sentences that skip and jump
like a rock thrown across the still pond,
how we celebrate the Moon Festival.

Rapidly, I search the depository of memory
like some frantic librarian racing through the Dewey system.

I explain, with words chosen as carefully as
a connoisseur tasting wine,
that there is no Festival of the Moon here.

With tear-filled eyes you ask in your new-born English,
“But teacher, how do the lovers find each the other?”

© 2012 LMRN

Don't forget that there is still time to join the 30 Poems in November fundraiser for the Center for New Americans, either as a poet or as a donor.  

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Oooh Linda - How interesting that we both chose to write of the Little Match girl .... such power and poignancy - truly a wonderful poem...

The second poem "Moon Festival" skips and jumps with a vibrancy that you describe as such in the poem throughout until the last two lines which are "killer" lines ... Bravo!
Kyle Stephen said…
I like your "Little Match Girl" poem as I like the short story version. It is depressing though.
John said…
This is really worth reading, it has too much details in it and yet it is so simple to understand, Thanks for sharing the picture it has great detail in it and i really appreciate your true artistic work!

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