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Wow!  Can't believe there is less than a week to the Poem a Day Challenge.  I have managed to keep the poems flowing, in spite of grading papers, preparing finals and enjoying my new grandchild.

As I indicated in an earlier post, I am trying to keep with the theme of teaching English as a second language. This has not always been as easy as it might seem, especially if you are writing to prompts, which I have been doing.  However, I am pleased with what I have been inspired to create.

The following are a couple of favorite poems.  Enjoy!

(The prompt for these poems was to write a letter poem and a recipe poem - you can see the challenge, I am sure! All poems © 2012 LMN)


Thank you for teaching
me to think
about the words that
I learn
so that I can
use them
like money
at the store of Life.


Begin with a student eager to learn;
add in a teacher with resources galore;
sprinkle with lessons for which they yearn
to have speaking and writing and reading and more.
Ever so slowly, let it all stew,
stirring and mixing and blending it for
a wonderful magical linguistic brew!  

I have also been inspired to write poems other than those from the prompts.  The following were inspired by the birth of my grandson.


The day you were born,
your world broke into applause.
You looked deep into my eyes, 
ready to nurse - ready to face the world!
The years, since then and now,
have flown by, like leaves in the wind
that I have tried to catch -
but, they always remain just out of reach -
until, today, when I got to hold
a little piece of you close to my heart,
snuggling your firstborn, as you joined
the circle of motherhood.

Haiku for Eric

Like the winter winds
that blow early in the fall,

the wee boy arrives




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