Zen of the Garden

This year, the combination of rainy evenings and warm sunny days has created a rainforest effect in my garden.  The lushness of the green immediately soothes me on hectic days.  The sound of water running into our tiny pond, where frogs serenade us in the early evening, melts away the stress of hectic days.

I must admit, I am having a difficult time keeping up with the weeding this year.  With all the warmth and rain, it seems things grow overnight.  But, there is a good side to this.  Weeding is meditative.


What amazes me, is that I can feel all stressed because I need to finish this or that, but, if I give myself permission to go weed for a bit, I find that my mind empties, leaving me with space to see what I need to do and how to do it.


In addition, I have come to realize that having a garden - planting, harvesting, weeding, and pruning - connects me with the seasons and the various phases of the moon.  Being connected to Nature gives me a deep awareness of my surroundings.  This awareness allows me to see little things that bring me such joy!  Butterflies, birds, frogs and toads, even my neighbor's chickens that come to visit are part of the eco-system of my garden.  

I am grateful for the Zen of my garden.  Caring for it is really caring for myself.  We ARE all connected!  Here are a few more pictures - may they bring comfort, inspiration and joy.



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