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Every so often, I remember how easy it is to give to others.  What reminded me this time, was answering my email.  There, in the middle of requests for my support for this cause or that cause, quick notes from family and friends and work related emails was one of the easiest ways to give that I have ever found.

I clicked on the email and it opened to the page I have become so familiar with that I often don't really remember if I have visited it, some days.  The Greater Good Network has several tabs on its Gifts that Give More page. Each tab opens to a new page that offers an opportunity to help one of several different causes.  

The simplicity of this site is amazing.  No purchases are necessary.  You don't have to sign in or have a password.  All you do is click on the button, when the window shows it has registered your support, then you go to the next tab, click on it, then, click on the button on that page, until you have supported all eight causes.

 What causes are there?  There are the Hunger, Breast Cancer, Animals, Veterans,  Autism, Child Health, Literacy and Rainforest sites.  

The Nature Conservancy: Protecting nature. Pre...
The Nature Conservancy: Protecting nature. Preserving life. The Nature Conservancy logo is copyright © 2007 The Nature Conservancy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Each time a person clicks (you can only do it once a day), the sponsors give financial support to those causes.  So, for instance, when I clicked on the rainforest button today, donations were made by sponsors to support the efforts of organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, Rainforest Conservation Fund, and World Land Trust-US. 

How much time does it take? In less than a minute, you can click on each tab and support these causes.  The best thing - it costs nothing monetarily!  All you spend is a minute of your time.  If you want to get a daily reminder, like I do, go to their subscription page to sign up for emails that will open to the Click and Give pages.  It doesn't get much easier than this!

Together, we CAN make a difference.


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