Gratitude in the Face of Difficulties

Huge branch that hit the house cradled by the arborvitae
This past week, we were hit with a freak snow storm that dumped from 10 to 27 inches of snow on the area.  With trees still in full foliage, there were many broken limbs, falling on power lines, roof tops and across roadways.  Finding a way to be grateful, may seem an impossibility, but, here is my list of things I am grateful for because of the storm.
  • My step-daughter and I were able to have time traveling back from Maine together.  We had to take detours, which, if she was traveling alone, she might not have known.  
  • Because my dear Roger planted arborvitae around the perimeter of our property, the huge maple branch that fell on the house did not do damage.  The arborvitae cushioned it, keeping it from hitting with full force.
  • We had time to read and talk because the distractions of Internet and phone were not available.
  • We have natural gas for cooking, which allowed us to make a huge pot of soup to share with others, who had electric stoves.
  • My mother-in-love only lives a few houses down the street, which made it easier to help her until the power came back on.
  • Not having work allowed me time to catch up on correcting papers and reading students' journals.
  • Our power was only off for three days.  Some people are still without power, a week later. 
So much to be grateful for, even in the face of difficulties!  Sometimes it seems like a stretch, but eventually, as you practice gratitude in all things, it become easier to see the silver linings...they are everywhere!

May the days ahead bring us all ways to be show our gratitude, even in the face of difficulties. May those, who are still without power, find warmth and comfort in the compassion and care of others.  Many blessings to all those working to fix the problems this storm has caused.
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meleah rebeccah said…
good for you - turning the snow storm into such a positive experience!
Hi, Meleah!

Ya, well, it makes life a lot nicer to find the silver-linings. Even if I really wasn't thrilled to be having all that snow in October!

Great talking with you last night. Hope we can chat again.

Peace! L
Mina Burrows said…
Hi Linda! I love that you're focusing on the positive. I hear so many people are without power. Be safe. Stay warm and above happy, right? I'm sending you prayers. :)
Hi, Mina!

Yes, there are still many homes without power (it's been over a week now) and they are really suffering. So many things we take for granted...warm beds, food to be cooked and kept fresh...lights to read, see, play...warmth for our pets (Some of the pet stores/vets have offered free pet care for those who have no power.) The list goes on...

Thanks for your prayers...I know they help. I am so grateful we are back on line.


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