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Out of the mouths of babes!  In Sunday school, yesterday, I was talking to the kids about gratitude.  I challenged them to find uncommon ways to give thanks.  One of the older students (I have a multi-level class.) said, "So you want us to have "An Attitude of Gratitude," right?"

Now, she may have heard it some place else, but it just blew me away.  "An Attitude of Gratitude!"  The poet in me loves the alliteration - the rhyme.  Her little comment inspired me to continue my postings on Gratitude. (I had planned to go on to other things this month.)

Living in gratitude is all about our attitude.  In order to be thankful, we must be mindful of the fact that every second, every encounter, every trial and tribulation is a gift.  Finding ways to show we are grateful becomes a natural part of our lives, when we mindfully live in gratitude.

In my seminary course, I read a passage of Buddhist text that stated that the ungrateful were a burden.  At first, I didn't get it.  Then, I sat with it for a bit, mulling it over in my mind.  

Of course!  I understood, finally...when someone lives without gratitude, they are never satisfied.  They continually seek more for themselves and from others.  What a burden to bear...and what a burden on others to live with someone like that, because they are never happy.

As you go through your days, see the gifts the Creator leaves for you.  Give thanks; feel your burdens lift.  

My gratitude list this week includes:
  • Thanks for my former students who write me still.
  • Thanks for the hundreds of people around the globe (from over 125 countries) who read my blog and share their lives with me.
  • Thanks for my beloved, Roger, who honors who I am and supports my journey. 
  • Thanks for the quiet moments that allow me to hear the Creator's Breath.
Blessings of gratitude to all! 
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meleah rebeccah said…
"An Attitude of Gratitude!" I love it!

And what a great list! You have lot's to be grateful for.
Yes, I have, Meleah!

By the way...your name is beautiful...

What are some of the things you are thankful for?
T. J. Banks said…
This is something we all need to be reminded of -- it's too easy to forget as we're running around like hamsters on our respective wheels. Maybe we hamsters need to sit back and reflect on our wheels a bit more -- on their beauty and symmetry....
Anonymous said…
Thank you for teaching us~ HAHA~~

If I do some things good for some people, I wish to get a "thanks"

But some times, Some people don't think they should give me the "thanks" cause they think that the concessions which I do for them is their deserving.

At before,that always make me to grind my teeth!
But now, I leaned not to care about these people. Beacuse they are unworth to make me felling sad.

Thank YOU, Margaret, for being my student and for posting a comment!

It is sad when people expect thanks. We should never do things simply to be thanked. If someone doesn't thank us, it should be understood that, while they may not have said the words, that person is still grateful. Often people forget or just don't know how to put into words their feelings.

If people get made at you, it is wise not to let it bother you. You know what is in your heart.

Thanks, again, for your post!
MaryAnnie said…
I certainly agree...when you are "ungrateful", you still have that "empty hole" in your heart. God is the only one who can really fill it, but he uses others to help in the process! Serving each other and making sure we appreciate whatever, goes back to that "Do Unto Other" concept that the Lord showed us. Thanks for your comments!
Welcome, MaryAnnie! How wonderful that you visited. Yes, we are gifted by what I refer to as "earth angels" when we least expect it. They are the Creator's helpers.

Blessings to you!
Sara said…
Thanks for this post and the reminder. When I'm really in a funk and can't see a way out, making a gratitude list always eases me. It reminds me of the good things that happen around me, rather than focusing on the negative/bad things. And there always is something to be grateful for!

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