Poems for Father's Day

Today, I will share Father's Day poetry. I wrote the following poems for a poetry contest.(I know it is the day after the observance, but I believe these special days should be celebrated every day.) 
First, it has been three years now, since my Dad left this plane of existence for the next.  While I know he is physically dead, I still feel him around me.  It is no wonder, then, that when I sat down to write the poems that potentially could be made into cards, that I began with one for my Dad.  

The second poem I wrote is from my brother.  Less than a year younger than I am, we were/are close.  His life has not always been easy, but he has continued to move forward.  Today, I am so proud of him.  I know my Dad is, too.

Finally, the last poem I wrote was for my sons-in-law.  They are wonderful fathers.  Each gives so much to their children.  I love to watch them play together, laughing and giggling.  I didn't have that as a child.  My dear Dad wasn't around much and when he was, we didn't play.  So, seeing my grandchildren blessed with the gift of an involved father warms my heart.

By the way, the poems were accepted by the company, but I didn't sign the contract because it was too limiting.  I would rather share my writing with others free of charge, than to have someone else make a profit from it after giving me a pittance.  

That said, here is my Father's Day poetry. 


You weren’t around much
when I was that little kid
with the runny nose and
the skinned knees.
You didn’t tuck me into bed
or, read me stories,
or, play catch with me
like some kids’ dads.

But, as we grew older together,
you became my buddy,
my friend, the person
I turned to when life got
difficult, or if I had questions.
You were always there
for me. So, just in case
I haven’t said it before
or, often enough…


Thanks for being the best
Dad you could be for me;
it’s made a difference in my life.
I love you, Dad, Happy Father’s Day. 

LMRN © 2011


Who would have thought
that the little boy who
pulled my hair,
refused to play dress-up,
taught me to swing a bat,
and to throw a ball,
would grow up to be the man
you are now?

Who would have thought
that the little boy would
grow to be the man who
listens with compassion to my sorrows,
shares sage advice,
makes me laugh till I cry and
can still be a little boy from time to time?

Watching you father has been
one of the joys of my life.
I am so proud of you, brother!

Happy Father’s Day…with love.

 LMRN © 2011


From the day, you took my daughter’s hand
walking strong and confident beside her,
I wondered how you would meet
the challenges of fatherhood

As you held my grandchild in your arms
on that first glorious day of life
I knew the father you would be…

Gentle, yet firm when needed
kind, wise, and loving
strong, yet flexible to change
tender, silly and patient

You are the father I dreamed
you would be…so proud of you,
son of my heart.

LMRN © 2011

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Mike Patrick said…
Indeed, you have been thrice blessed. It is wonderful how easy the words come--when they come from the heart.
Linda said…
Thanks, Mike, for your kind words. Poetry has always come easily. Sometimes, it feels as if someone else is writing. I am simply the tool.

Peace, Linda
Alv0808 said…
I love all the poets. Its written out from the hearts make the poet so alive and full of love. Have a blessed day!!
Shahrukh said…
This blog is great source of information which is very useful for me. Thank you very much.

Dear Shahrukh,

Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words.

Cuttysark said…
Hi, thanks for sharing your story and poems. I discovered your site while researching for fathers day poems. I love your poems, keep up the good work.
Linda said…
Thanks, Cuttysark, for your kind words. Poetry is such a universal gift. Glad you enjoyed these.
This comment has been removed by the author.
harleen kaur said…
Just search in google information about fathers day...and see your post its great and very nice
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