Ultimate in Creativity

Nanilin and All Her Girls and Boys

Motherhood is the ultimate when it comes to creating.  The miracle of cell division into a human being is mind-boggling!  It seemed fit to end our month long look at creativity with a post on mothering.

Today, we celebrate the birthday of my oldest daughter.  She has the sole distinction of being the one through which I became known as Momma, or Ma, or Moooommmm, depending on the mood of the child speaking.

It is difficult for me to grasp that she is a thirty-something adult with two children of her own.  Often when I think of her, I picture in my mind the little girl with a pixie cut trying to grapple with little sisters.  I have to remind myself that some of my friends are the same age as she is.  How did that happen?

Being a mother calls a woman into creativity whether she realizes it or not.  (Let me state that the term "mother" is about both those who give birth and those who take a child into their heart and home through adoption.)What is more creative than a mother trying to come up with a solution that will keep her baby quiet during a church service?  Isn't it creative when a mother juggles work, home and life, finding time to bake cookies or read a book or create a way to make folding laundry a fun family event?

What a delight to watch my daughters as they discover their own creativity as mothers.  How surprising to hear my words come back to me time and again; evidence that what I said or did actually stayed with them.

Of all the creative pursuits I have participated in, none has been more rewarding, more demanding, more time-consuming, more delightful or more enjoyable than motherhood.  Thanks, Gwendolyn for giving me the title of Mom!

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