What Is Creativity?

Spring seems like the perfect time to ask ourselves, "What is creativity and how does it apply to me?"

Creativity is the ability to step outside what is known, take note of a particular situation or problem, and then develop or make something original that has value to the creator as well as others.  

As women, we create in ways too many to count.  Unfortunately though, through the centuries, we have forgotten how creative we are.  We have forgotten that we have the ability to make something from next to nothing.  We have forgotten that when life hands us lemons, we make lemonade or lemon meringue pie or lemon drops or even lemon chicken.

During the next four weeks, as we approach the spring equinox, we will take a look at creativity.  We will hear from some women who have found new ways to see things, imagine things, do things.

I invite you, the readers, to share stories of the creative women in your life.  Let us know how they have touched you and others.  In sharing, it is my hope that we will, during this time of rebirth, rediscover our creativity, so that the question, "What is creativity?" will be answered for all to hear...WE are!


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