Roses Are Red

 Red Climbers

Roses are Red. Violets are Blue. This blog post is written, just for YOU!

What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day, but to remember the beauty of roses.

I have often said that my beloved, Roger, didn't promise me a rose garden, he created one, which he did!  He knew my passion for roses, therefore, when we were planting our gardens, he made sure that I was continually surprised to find roses here and there.

Roses have been used as symbols of love, passion, harmony and gratitude for many years.  Different colors of rose symbolize different emotions. 

My favorite color roses are the lilac roses that are florabunda, which means they bloom frequently.  They also have a wonderful scent.  Interestingly, these were the first roses Roger planted in our garden.  I was thrilled to learn, recently that they indicate that the sender has fallen in love at first sight with the recipient and is enchanted!  How wonderful!

Here are some roses from my garden to you!

Peace Rose

Joyous Dusty Rose

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Linda said…
Beautiful. I understand roses are a lot of work. My favorite is yellow roses.
Linda said…
Hi, Linda!

It depends on the variety of the roses. Wild roses and rosa ragusa (Beach Roses) grow pretty much anywhere without any assistance. I have these as well as the ones that need a bit more care.
I have a gorgeous yellow climber that is called Lemon smells lemony!

Thanks for posting!
cardiogirl said…
As someone who has tried (and failed) to grow roses I am in envy of your flowers. The leaves are so lush on that first one, too.

I think I might have to ask my husband to create a rose garden for me. Well done!
Linda said…
Thank you, Cardiogirl! Roger is the master gardener...I just put in what I like, tell it I love it and hope that it grows. He actually trims and weeds and stuff.

Our garden is rather wild, which is why our neighbors say we live in the Enchanted Cottage.
Eliza said…
LOL you garden like I do. Stick it in and hope it grows. If it doesn't, I know not to get that one again. If it does, get more of it. Very simple. Drives Marc nuts because he'll ask "What's that?" and I'll respond "No clue."

There is no rhyme nor reason to my gardens. 'Rather wild' is a pretty apt description :)

I do all the gardening ...digging, planting, weeding, dead heading ... while Marc works on our outdoor renos. We are both outside enjoying each other's company, but working on separate projects.

I too fail with high maintenance roses. However, I have an incredible climbing rose that goes crazy with blooms. I also recently planted two bushes which are taking hold.
injaynesworld said…
Gorgeous. Never had luck with roses, but I so admire those who do. My favorite is the Brandy Rose. Maybe because I'm a redhead. ;)
I am smiling. What a wonderful gesture of love. Beautiful.
Linda said…
Hi, Eliza! Why am I not surprised that our gardens are alike?!

Roger creates "rooms" in our garden so that the large yard we have has places that feel intimate and hidden.

I weed and deadhead, too. But, Roger tills the veggie garden and planted all our trees and bushes. We, too, love to work outside together...there is something so intimate about it, even though we may be in completely different places doing different things.
Linda said…
Dear Jayne...oh, Brandy Roses are gorgeous! And, yes, perhaps you like them because of your beautiful red hair. Thanks for your comments.
Linda said…
Dear One Woman...thanks for your kind words. Peace!
Jen said…
I don't grow them well but I do appreciate them and I love that they are beautiful and dangerous at the same time.

Your roses are beautiful, what a lovely gift.
Linda said…
Thanks, Jen! I appreciate your comments and compliments.

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