A Room of Her Own

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Virginia Wolff spoke of women needing a room of their own. As the mother of four daughters, I can tell you, it is definitely something we need, but something we often never acquire.

Funny, when the girls were little, I sometimes had to hide in the bathroom just to think! That only worked for as long as they didn't realize I was there. Once they knew my whereabouts, they would sit outside the door talking to me. Somehow, it defeats the purpose of "alone" time.

Today, while I was resting after all the excitement from my daughter's wedding yesterday, my beloved, Roger found a site on writing sheds. Virginia Wolff had one, as did Annie Dillard and Dylan Thomas and many other famous writers.

I think I have found a new tool for my craft. As I sit now, writing, I am at a corner desk in my kitchen, surrounded by books and art, and my beloved. Don't get me wrong, this isn't bad; however, a place were I could be totally by myself would do wonders for keeping the creative juices from being staunched!

Perhaps, we can work on this. Roger found several great links for what are called, Tiny Houses. One give directions on how to build a tiny house from wood pallets. Neat way to recycle!


Oh yes, solitary time does seem to let the creative juices flow without being interupted.

I seem to be able to write with more emotion and paint with more freedom when I am alone and not being called by other people or things to do. I don't need much space either.

I believe that your post hits home with many.
Linda said…
So, true! When I am alone, I can write and create for hours and never get distracted.

Really looking forward to a writing shed of my own!

Hi Linda,

I sometimes felt that way growing up with four brothers and one sister. I often found solitude in the back yard under a giant oak tree. I couldn't believe that nobody else thought of it. Writers can't live with tension, but they can't write without it. Here's to a happy writing shed.
Linda said…
Wow, Alexys! You sure had a lot of company growing up. I had three brothers (younger than me) then I had three daughters. I never really had privacy.

We all need to be alone in a good way. It is good for the soul, as well as the mind. I was often alone, but not through a choice of my own...through the actions of others. It wasn't a good thing. Now, I have some me space and it is wonderful!

Gentle peace, dear friend!

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