Prayer-filled Gardening

 Gardens before Weeding

After many rainy days, we finally got some lovely weather.  I woke early to blue, blue skies.  Quickly, I dressed with the intent of attacking the long neglected gardens in the front of the house and along the driveway. 

There is something about being up early in the garden that lends itself to prayer.  I am not sure if it is the quiet or having my hands in Mother Earth, but, like the poem says, I always feel "closer to God in the garden than any place else on Earth." 

As I pulled weeds, cut back dead branches and pruned, I found myself contemplating life and the world. 

Angel Wing Begonia
Somewhere in the midst of trimming back the day lilies, the thought came to me that weeding and trimming was much like how we develop our soul.  We pull out the stuff that doesn't work, cut back the things that have grown over and turn under that which is not worth saving. Soul development and gardening, it appeared to me, work the same.  It was an interesting epiphany.

Continuing my work in the quiet of the morning, I began to meditate on several issues I am dealing with at this time.  The manner in which I do this form of meditation is to allow what ever is on my mind to surface, ask that God take care of it, give thanks, returning to silence.  In between weeding between the coleus and dragon's beard, the heaviness of my heart lifted, bring with it a great sense of peace. 

Amazingly, I was done by noon.  While I am sore from all the pulling, lifting, and bending, I have a greater sense of well being than I had when I first got up this morning. 

Last of the Roses

Words from the heart, spoken in silence to the Creator while surrounded by creation are powerful and blessed. I am grateful to have gardening be one of the meditative practices I have incorporated into my life.  

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Alv0808 said…
Its very beautiful Linda. God has gave us the land to play of..and He always listen to us..have a blessed day..
Miruh said…
Hello Linda,

Reading this post was like engaging in prayer. I can feel the letting go and embracing Peace and the gift of Grace in this blessed life.
Thanks for sharing this beautiful meditation!
What a lovely post. Seems like we both find inspiration and peace from nature. May your garden be beautiful and bountiful.

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