New Year, Full Moon

Blue Moon - 12/31/09

I have long been enamored with the Moon. Her heavenly body radiates the reflected Light of another to bless us all. That simple example is one that we mortal beings can learn to practice...radiate the reflection of Light to others.

Moon has many myths and mysteries. She has long been a symbol of the female power. Those who connect to the pull of the Moon are said to be "lunatic." The word took on the meaning we have today when medical science used it to describe the behavior of psychotic patients whose symptoms increased with the phases of the Moon.

In many Indigenous cultures, Moon was the symbol of the Wise Women and women in general. A woman's cycle is known as her Moons.

The ending of the past year and the beginning of the new year were blessed with a Blue Moon in December and the Full Moon on New Year's Day. The pictures below were taken on New Year's Day...Moon was playing hide and seek with the clouds.

First Full Moon of 2010

In addition to taking pictures of the Moon, I have written several poems about her. I offer them now as my New Year's gift to all.


Wolves raise their heads in primordial chant.

Two Souls at the edge of a rocky shore

Await communion with the Infinite.

Raven, atop the ancient hemlock,

Heralds the magic moment.

At Horizon's edge, the Golden Orb

Slips silently into Midnight’s arms.

Eagle soars high above

And the Souls dance into Eternity.

LMRN © 1999


Somewhere just after we give up

anticipation of things hoped for

and begin to allow acceptance

to fill the space left

by dreams unlived

Serendipitous moments

bring new realities

like a bed of Purple Roses

bathed in the Light of a

Blue Moon at midday.

These moments seem too fantastic…

consciousness often explains

away the joy and wonder, so

we step aside and let the

moment pass wondering

why our hearts are breaking.

Hold hands with Serendipity

learn to hear her whispered plans…

LMRN © 2001


Stepping into the Confessional of Night

The Heart opens.

Dreams too real to believe in

Come pouring out.

The silent Confessor

Neither absolves nor condemns…

But sits in the Cathedral of Midnight


LMRN ©1995


Nature spreads

A golden carpet

Into the sea blue infinity.

Souls unite…

Bound on and endless journey.

LMRN © 1996


Great shots!

Happy blogoversary!
Linda said…
Thanks, Coco and Teena! Glad you enjoyed the blog. Peace, Linda

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