Two Pilgrims on the Path

In Leverett, Massachusetts there is a spot on top of a mountain that brings many a visitor. It is known as the Peace Pagoda. A large white concrete pagoda, the Peace Pagoda sits on land that is the home to a community of Buddhist nuns and monks.

Several times a year, Roger and I take the hike to the Pagoda. It is amazing just how calming the journey is. These are pictures of our most recent visit. The pictures are a journey unto themselves. Enjoy!

The pilgrimage begins

On the Path

At the top of the mountain, we come to the Peace Pagoda

Stopa between Pagoda and new temple

New temple under construction
(Old temple was destroyed in a fire several years ago)

About the new temple

As you travel around the Pagoda, there are four separate statues of Buddha

Repeating patterns around the Pagoda

The lily pond with remains of old temple

Stone bridge and prayer flags

Reflection of prayer flags in lily pond

Everywhere there is beauty to be seen

Quite moments among the prayer flags

This is Holy Ground

Blowing in the wind

Frogs and butterflies abound

We found fairy or Indian pipes on the trail down

These cairns are found all through the woods and paths

The Path Home


Who-gnu?! said…
Beautfiul! That must be such a treasure to live nearby and be able to be enveloped by spirit of the area!
Anonymous said…
Linda, thanks for sharing these pics. You are blessed to be living in such a peaceful land, a haven to retreat to!
Merging Point said…
Thankyou so much for taking me on a free trip of blissfulness!
many places, many people , we may come across. but, unless one is alive to them, such reflections can be missed. you were alive and you continue to let others be alive by sharing the serenity of this wonderland.
Linda said…
Dear Friends,

I am so happy that you have enjoyed this trip on the Path with me. It is truly one of the most peace-filled places I know. Each time I go, I feel renewed and nurtured.

Bless you all! Linda
Maithri said…
How deeply beautiful,

I can feel the tranquility emanating from your words and these beautiful pictures,

One day I'll take you to Sri Lanka and show Dhamulla, the temple in the rock where the sleeping Buddha resides,

Much love my friend,


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