The Rose Awards

This post is a recognition of some very special people, the idea for which came partly through an email from a friend and partly from a post from a cyber-friend.

My garden includes a rose garden, which my beloved Roger created for me. Each year, it surprises us with the most amazing blossoms. This past winter was very trying for both flora and fauna. I thought for sure that my precious roses had been killed by the cold and frost. But, tenacious as ever, the roses have found the strength to produce even more blossoms than in years past.

Each rose has a name which I equate with qualities that are admirable. So, for each rose, an individual with similar qualities will be recognized.


This beauty is HUGE! I actually do not know the given name of this was a gift that had no tag. I have named it Pretty in Pink, because it has pink-on-pink colored petals. Its fragrance is also spectacular, filling the yard with a wonderful rosy aroma. As you can see from my hand at the bottom of the picture it is really a huge rose, about as big as a lunch plate.

The love and devotion of friends is a huge part of my support system. Without the wonderful women in my life who have been there during both the ups and downs, I would not be where I am today. Therefore, this rose goes to: Barbara, Hannah, Reenie, Deb, Jeannie, Deborah, Zinnia, Wendy, Kirsten, Laurie, Michleen, Mare, Gail, Trish, Katja, Claire, Kathy, Laura, Peg...Each of you is a HUGE part of who I am, each of you fills my life with the fragrance of friendship in ways that only those who connect heart and soul understand. Thank you for being my friend. Love you!


This long-stem beauty is the JFK Rose. Roger found it by accident - he wasn't looking for roses - but it caught his eye in the "Final Sale" bin of a local gardening center. It had gone past, as they say. Roger knew if we planted it immediately, we should be able to enjoy it the following year. He was correct!

It is with great pleasure that I award this rose to my cyber-friend, Tabitha.
Tabitha has an amazing spirit, filled with love and compassion for others. She has made it her life mission to help, even in the smallest ways, to relieve the pain of others. Tabitha's tenacious spirit can be seen in everything she does, including her uplifting blog, very aptly titled, "I Choose Bliss." A visit to this site is sure to bring a smile to your face and warm your heart.

With a heart and soul as bright and pure as this rose; serving others, as JFK called our nation to do,Tabitha, you are a Light to us all!


This purple florabunda is called, Purple Passion. It has a fragrance that fills you with images of beauty.

Purple Passion is awarded to my cyber-friend, Alexys, who is responsible for inspiring me to do this post when she wished her readers a Happy Blogger's Day with rose photos, history and trivia.

Alexys has a passion for life and for the written word. I have found her writing to be both informative and inspiring. Each post has a unique quality, much like the unique quality of this rose.

Alexys, may your life always be filled with "Purple Passion!"


These old-fashioned rambling roses I award to my daughters, Gwendolyn, Courtney, Elizabeth and Kathleen and to Roger's daughter, Bridget. Like these roses, you each have followed your own unique and individual path in life. You each have talents and gifts that are especially yours. Like the individual roses of this rambling vine, you are all part of our family, yet, you stand alone.

The pride we have in your achievements, the joy of watching you each develop into the talented and beautiful women you are, fills us with joy. We give thanks to the Creator of all beauty that you are each part of our lives.


Like their mothers, my granddaughters are part of the winding whole that is family. Still young and fragile, they remind me of these wild roses, that tenaciously cling together, bringing an essence of sweetness to my garden walls.

Little Miss A, Miss M and Miss C, I love you to the moon and back times Infinity squared to the ultimate power! I am so proud to be your Nanilin. Thank you for enriching my life with your presence.


I award this delicious, raspberry climber to Miruh, whose blog has been a delicious treat for my soul, just as this rose.

Spiritual Healing Journey, is a site I visit often. Miruh's wisdom, insight and gentleness are inspirational. Several times, I have found her site to be the answer to questions I have been searching for during my struggle through Life's twisting Path.

Thank you, Miruh, for holding the Light high so that the Path is illumined for all.


Finally...if I could award the Nobel Peace Prize to someone, it would be to my friend, Dr. Maithri Goonetilleke, who is not only an amazingly gifted physician, but an accomplished poet, singer, songwriter and humanitarian.

Maithri (pronounced "my three") is chronicling his work in Swaziland on his blog, The Soaring Impulse. I have yet to read a post from this gentle soul that has not moved me to tears. He is living a life of service to the poorest of the poor, to the forgotten and unseen souls of those without even the most basic necessities of life, to those who have no voice but that of this compassionate and gifted young doctor.

I ask, no I implore, each of my readers to visit his site, to witness the hope and love that he gives to the beautiful people of Swaziland. Please, if you desire, follow his instructions on how to send help.

To my dear friend, Maithri, I give, not the Nobel Peace Prize, but rather my Peace rose. May it be a sign to you that the world sees and appreciates the work you do daily. I send also, prayers for continued strength in the face of such overwhelming struggles, joy in the midst of pain and unboundless love for you and those you serve.


Deborah said…
My gosh, Linda. Those roses are Fantastic. I want to have a tiny seat and bring it around to all the roses and smell, smell, smell. Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Hello Linda,

I can smell the fragrance of your beautiful roses from here! Thank you for your kindness, I am honored to be the recipient of your delicious raspberry climber. Roses impart a tender, loving and comforting energy that is so healing to the soul. You Linda, are the essence of that energy. This world is a gentler place because of your presence.

Love and blessings.

Anonymous said…
Oh Linda!! I am beyond grateful! This is the sweetest gift you could ever have given me and with my entire heart I thank you!
Linda said…
Dear Deb, Miruh and Tabitha,

I am so happy you enjoyed this post. I so wanted to show my gratitude for all the amazing women in my life.

More to come, as I found that there are other flowers that match other friends. Keep an eye out!

Peace and Love...Linda
Liara Covert said…
I found your blog through Miruh. It inspires me to do some planting for my mom today. She does not have the energy to garden as she would like to. I assist her to surround herself in nature's beauty. Your garden is breath-taking. The Earth has infinite ways to help us reconnect and heal.
Hi Linda,

Thank you so much for thinking of me. My life IS full of purple passion because of people like you who bloom in it everyday.

Your garden is an amazing expression of tender, loving care and it is extended through your awesome flowers.

Thank you for allowing us to smell the flowers through your words and photos.
Maithri said…
My dear and beautiful friend,

I read your words just before I boarded my flight to return to Australia....

They filled me with humility and gratitude for a universe that is so kind, so generous as to plant kindred souls in far distant lands - to nourish us when we are tired and weary.

It is you who deserve this peace rose dear Linda, for all that you are and do in this world.

For the dignity with which you live and the tenderness which you afford all who cross your path,

I am blessed to know you and grateful to my God for your love and most beautiful light,

With love and gratitude,


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