June Journeys

Recently, while on a visit to the home of dear friends, I happened upon this scene. For me, it was so typically New England. A small hand made wooden dory and a duck, both resting.

Something about the tranquility of the moment filled me with great peace.

The past six months have been filled with change and challenges. I have grieved, and celebrated, laughed and cried. There have been moments of great joy with my granddaughters and days of sorrow over the death of loved ones. Needless to say, I have been anything but tranquil.

Yet, here I was in a strange town, beside the docks where boats that cost more than my entire education were moored. The smell of sea and diesel wafted over the bay. Seagulls grumbled about the loss of a morsel of food. Scruffy fishermen stood in silence on the bridge by the dock hoping to catch just one more.

I wonder, did God send an angel to gently nudge me down the street during my walk to this moment, this magical moment? Was it planned that I should find solace here beside the sea? Or, was it just simply one of those serendipitous moments when magic is there for the taking if we are open to it.

A duck and a dory...resting. The lesson was clear. I breathed deeply...gazing out to sea and emptied my soul with my exhaled breath.


Anonymous said…
Lovely! Thanks for sharing this quiet reflective moment.

I think magic is always there if we remain present to our life.

There is always a comforting joy when we most need it, if we hold on to awareness that we are not alone.
Hi Linda,

I live by the sea and there is a always a magical tranquility in the air. The air is fresher and it gives way for reflection and grace.

We move like the sea. We are the ebb and flow of everything that is within us.

Just know that God doesn't bear fruit on trees too weak to bear it.

Be well my friend.
Linda said…
Dear Miruh and Alexys...

Thank you so much, dear friends, for visiting my humble site.

Yes, Miruh, magic IS always around us. Each day I become more and more aware of it.

Alexys, Did you know that scientists have discovered that the ions in salt air neutralize negative energy in our bodies? This is why we always feel refreshed after a walk on the beach!

My ebb and flow has been more like a tsunami of late...but, I have deep roots and know God is caring for me.

Thank you both, again for your support and friendship.

Love and Peace, Linda

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