More Children's Books

As I said on Tuesday, some of the books I consider to be on the top of my book list I have mentioned before, but will mention again.

Through Endangered Eyes by Rachel Dillon is simply beautiful! Her artwork is
breath-taking and her poetry brings the reader to a clear understanding of the lives of these lovely creatures.

My Uncle Emily by Jane Yolen and Nancy Carpenter introduces young readers to the poet, Emily Dickinson, through the eyes of Miss Emily's nephew, Gilbert. Sensitive and creative, Gilbert learns about life through his relationship with his "Uncle" Emily.

Recreating an old story can be challenging for an author. However,
when one is a master storyteller like Julius Lester, the retelling is bright, interesting and captivating. Sam and the Tigers (a new telling of Little Black Sambo) is all of that and more. Illustrated by Jerry Pinkney, it captures the imagination of the reader with its colorful portrayals of Sam and his family.

One of the newest books I have added to my library is Can you say Peace? by Karen Katz. This picture book written and illustrated by Katz gives the reader a glimpse into the lives of children around the world. Each child tells how they say "peace" in their native language. Multicultural, and multilingual it shares with readers the hopes and dreams of all children, every where to have lives filled with love, joy and peace.

Celebrate Children's Book Week all year long. Read to your children daily. If you don't have children, volunteer at the local school. It is a wonderful gift to give children...and yourself!


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