New Year's Blessings

As I have written before, I love being a grandmother. It is a wonderful blessing to hold your children's children close to your heart, knowing that this little being, so fresh from God, is part of you and your child, praying that they will be the best part of each.

Three days before New Year's, granddaughter number three came into our lives. Her beginning was a bit worrisome as she was breech, thereby her birth was through c-section. But, she and Mom are both doing excellently well.

Now, I have three muses to inspire my writing, my teaching and my work in social justice. What better reason to be inspire, than three shining beings still fresh and untainted by this crazy world.

So, my New Year's resolution is continue being the best I can be so that I can make a positive influence in the world, especially the world around my three granddaughters. My New Year's challenge to all of you is this...join me in mindfully approaching each day with gratitude, in not feeding into societies call for "more" by being content with what we have already and realizing that it is enough, and by tenaciously striving to bring peace to our world.

Blessings to all!

~~~~~~~~~~Nanilin and her muses~~~~~~


Berta said…
Dear Linda,
Happy new year 2008 to you too and congratulations on your third muse. I am not a granma yet but my daughter just got married last December and hopes to have a baby soon, God willing (as we say in Spanish).
All the best from a LwC and B4B colleague from Venezuela who was in sabbatical last year at UofToronto and ran into your friend Maria Jose there.
angelesb said…
Congratulations for this beautiful baby!!!
I'm not a grandma yet, my daughter is 19 and I hope she doesn't think in this moment about getting married but who knows? :-)
You're so blessed to have these three awesome children.
All the best for you and for the baby and Thanks for sharing
Hugs from México
angelesb (BAW and B4B colleague)

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