Love IS all there is!

Just when you least expect it, miracles happen. Your beloved stands before you. Your spirits meld together. Everything seems right.

Wow...really profound, right? So, why do we wait till once a year to tell those we love that we love them? I have always been bothered by this holi/holyday...St. Valentine's Day, because of this. My feeling is, if you live your life correctly, every day is St. Valentine's Day!

That said, I want to share a few of the poems I have written about "love"...all kinds of love...Enjoy!

Rose Strewn Path to the Seventh Happiness


To love a body
is fleeting.
Age eventually pushes Youth away…
crow’s feet
smile lines
and bulges
emerge where once
a nubile form held court.

To love a mind
brings confusion.
Understanding holds wide the door for Mis…
The brilliance soon tarnishes.

To Love a Soul
is to find Ecstasy!
Time stands still
as Eternity waltzes in…
the edges of being touch…
filling space…
joining other souls…
Becoming One!

1993 © LMRN


Growing up
Oceans apart
Joined not by
Kin or even generation
United in Spirit
Of one heart!

1994 © LMRN


You are the Moon guiding my soul to safe waters
I am the Rain softly washing the weariness from your heart
You are the Stars twinkling through my dreams of tomorrow
I am the Wind tenderly whispering to you the secrets of yesterday
You are the Sun illuminating the darkest corners of my being
I am the Midnight Sky gently holding the light of your Love

Endlessly we travel the seasons of time and space
Confidently following the paths of Eternity

2000 © LMRN

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Comments said…
My dearest Linda,
I totally agree with you!
Would you let me copy your poem Travelers in my blog? It's incredibly sweet.
Thanks for your generosity in spreading your delicacy and love.
Warm hug from
Berta said…
Hi Linda, you are completely right. We should let our loved ones know how we feel everyday. Thanks too for sharing your wonderful poems with us.
Love from Berta
doris3m said…
Dear, Linda! Love is all there is. That's the only thing on earth that's true. I loved your poem "Travelers" I shared it with my husband... it's how we feel in this life. Thanks so much for your poem. Do you have more..? Can't wait to read more... Have a great day! A warm abrazo from Venezuela.

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