New Year, New Beginnings

Photo Credit: (c) 2018 LMRNeas
In the year of the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote, an unprecedented 102 women were sworn into the United States Congress, yesterday.  Not only was the number a first for the history of the US, but other firsts included the first Native American women, the first Muslim women, the first Black women from two New England states and the first Hispanic woman. Why is this so important, not just to the US but the world?
I am not a political science major by any stretch of the imagination. My expertise lies within the realm of literature, poetry, spirituality and healing. That said, I believe that the importance of this huge shift is that it is signaling a shift in the mindset of this tiny blue planet back to our maternal origins. 
Humanity, at one time, was maternal. Women, because they brought life into the world, were honored, listened to, respected. Then, there was a shift of power. Eventually, the stronger paternal power that could protect and hunt took control. Little by little, the ways of the mothers and grandmothers were forgotten. History is rife with what a disaster we have become since then.
Within the past few years, the voice of women around the world has lifted and has been heard. Circles of women are coming together in record numbers. Wise women are no longer being shunned or denigrated. Young women are being nurtured and supported as they move toward their dreams. Ancient wisdom is once again being sought out and followed. 
Yesterday was a new beginning for our country with first steps for 102 women who are now in a place of power. May their efforts be fruitful, may they call upon their ancestors for guidance and wisdom, and my they be blessed in all they do for this country and the world.  


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