Father's Day Thoughts

Father's day is upon us and I am called to remember how blessed I am to have had my Dad in my life and in the life of my children.  But, it wasn't an easy journey, at first.

You see, Dad struggled for many years with alcohol. However, in my early teens, he gained sobriety and kept it for the remainder of his life. In the years that followed, I was blessed with a father who had great wisdom, great compassion and great love for me and all his children and grandchildren.  

There are things I remember Dad telling me that have shaped who I am today. Some of his most memorable quotes are:

"A nursing mother is the most beautiful sight in the world!"

"You are NOT fat, you are pregnant and beautiful!"

"Make do, do over or do without. You don't need all that sh.. anyway!"

"You can do anything you put your mind to doing. You're John Neas' daughter!"

Mostly, though, Dad led by example. He taught me to help others humbly by doing little kindnesses and not hanging around to be recognized for them. He would shovel out the elderly neighbors, give rides in his cab to nurses going into the rough part of the city and wait for them so they didn't have to worry about finding a return ride. He would carry groceries up three flights of stairs for elders and young mothers with children. He would always be ready to paint, clean, or fix something for anyone.

My Dad was my first hero. He showed me how being human wasn't easy. You can fall flat on your face. But, you only fail when you don't get up and try again. 

I miss Dad. He blessed me in so many ways. His laughter, his off tune singing of "You Are My Sunshine," his irreverent sense of humor, the smell of his coffee brewing, the sight of him holding my girls with such joy and his unconditional love will always be with me.  I am grateful beyond measure. 


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