Women's March

Public Domain through Google images:https://goo.gl/images/fBtskB
I was asked why I am attending the Sister March in Greenfield today, the day of the Women's March on Washington.  Why????

I am marching to honor all the fearless and fierce women who came before me.  Women from my own family who survived the tyranny of hate in countries far from here. Women from my own family that survived poverty and pain.   Women from my own family who stood for suffrage, so that I might vote.   Women in my own family who climbed Martin's mountain hand in hand with other Women - Women of color - so that their children and their children's children could live together in freedom and equality.  I am marching for my daughters and my granchildren because we are still not totally free and equality is still not found everywhere.

I march for all the Women around the world that have been abused, oppressed, hated and tormented.  The Women of the world for whom fear becomes their closest friend.  The Women of the world who hold their children, wrapping them in prayers for their safekeeping.  The Women of the world who daily rise with hope in their hearts, smiles on their faces but terror in their hearts that today there will be no change.

I march for all People of the Earth that this show of strength and fearless resistance will show the leaders of our world that we MUST change, now!

I march because I must. 

Please hold all in your thoughts and prayers today and in the days ahead as we continue to strive for the values that will bring true Peace to our world.  If you can, leave your thoughts on our Facebook event page: Prayers of Support for the Women's March



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