Beyond Words

This past week has been difficult to get through for so many of us.  Once again, a senseless act of violence ripped about families, communities and the world.  Seconds after it happened, the media began pointing fingers at various groups. Finger pointing does only one thing, in my book.  When we point a finger at others, we end up with three pointing back at us.

Prince Ea posted a video that he created on his Facebook page.  Brilliantly done, it states that we are not labels.  We are us...or I am me and you are you. We are not the labels society has draped on us since before our births. We are, in fact, all part of the same great Whole. 

What happened in Orlando has made me physically ill. I have been unable to put into words my horror, anger and fear. I may have been beyond words, but I am not beyond acting.  I will not let the trauma of it stop me from my purpose - to spread Love in a world that has forgotten that what Love really is. 

Love is seeing the goodness inherent in each person.  Love is giving of ourselves without reservation. Love is accepting that NO ONE is perfect. Love is support others so that they can believe in their own goodness. Love is doing what needs to be done to bring healing and peace into the world without conditions or hesitation.

YOU, dear reader, are Love at its finest.  More than likely, you don't see that in yourself, but it is there.  Look within. Nourish your Love. Let it burn brightly for all to see.  In doing this, we create another molecule of hope; another spark in the dark; another Light in the Universe.

Lyrics: As I have loved you, Love one another. This new commandment: Love one another. By this shall men know Ye are my disciples, If ye have love One to another. 

Text and music: Luacine Clark Fox, 1914-2002, arr. (c) 1961 Luacine C. Fox. Renewed 1989. 

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