Combining Passions

I love to write and have done so professionally and academically for years.  But, not everyone knows that I also am a photographer. Back when my daughters were young, I worked for the York County Coast Star in Maine, covering local events as well as providing the photos to go along with what I wrote.

Recently, I have combined my two loves - poetry and photography - and have created memes for my Facebook pages.  What a delight to marry these two art forms into something that others can see instantly and enjoy!

The idea of marrying passions isn't new.  When I decided to finish my bachelor's degree several years ago, I enrolled in the University Without Walls (UWW) at UMass Amherst.  In the process of creating a portfolio of the work I had done, my professor pointed out that I had three different, yet overlapping, interests - writing, spirituality and health. Eventually, after spending almost a year honing my portfolio and culling through all the evidence of work accomplished, I had come up with my major - Creative Writing for Spiritual Health. (UWW gives students the opportunity to gain credit for life experience in order to complete their degrees.)

Since then, I have found that I am constantly combining passions to create, usually for the health of others, but also for my own health.  Writing is especially powerful when you are writing about what you love, be it people, places or things. Combine writing with art of any form and you have a magic combination!

May you find that which brings you great joy. May you be able to incorporate it into the fabric of your life.  Blessings!!


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