Close Encounters with Nature

 Photo Credit: Linda M. Rhinehart Neas (c) 2016

Over the past few days, we have been visited by several winged creatures that are not often seen, or so I am told.

Last week, as we were taking a walk around the neighborhood, we were buzzed by a pileated woodpecker.  They are not small birds!  What a treat to watch him eating the dried berries in our neighbor's tree. 

Then, today, as we were pulling into our driveway, a bald eagle swooped down over our house, caught a critter and headed of towards the mountain for lunch!  I tried to capture the moment, but he was way too fast!  Bald eagles are also not small birds...their wing spread is 6 -7 feet!  

Symbolically, woodpecker is about opening to new opportunities and eagle is about illumination and conquering fears so that we can fly high.

Not sure if our suddenly seeing these lovely beings back to back was meant to be a message, but I do know that I feel blessed to have been able to see them in their natural habitats doing what they do best - simply "being."

As the second month of 2016 winds down, I will try to look at the opportunities that might be calling to me.  Who knows where they may lead!




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