Nearing the Finish Line!

The 30 Poems in November Challenge is coming to an end. I can see the finish line as I prepare to write the last of this month's poems.  However, I am not going to finish at the top of the pack unless more donations come in during the last few days.  

I had hoped to raise $750 dollars.  At this moment, I am at $ close, yet so far.  

If all my friends and family donated $10, I would quadruple the amount I have pledged!  

Let me share some of what this money will do.  First, it goes to help fund the programs that the Center for New Americans provides to enable refugees and immigrants to be able to grasp the English language in order to fully participate in their communities. Second, it is used to provide the supplies needed for the students. Third, it helps pay for the training we give tutors. Finally, it covers various costs that don't fall under government or other grants. 

The poem I wrote yesterday is dedicated to my students.  Their struggle is great, yet they remain optimistic. Their pain is great, yet they are filled with hope.  

Please help me, help them! Simply click on the  30 Poems in November box in the side bar.  Know that your donation will be greatly appreciated and used most wisely.

Blessings of gratitude and peace. 


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