Find The Good by Heather Lende

Roger often brings me home "treats" from the library.  He knows that I seldom have time to peruse the stacks.  In fact, I usually only go to the library if I know what I need. So, his frequent "findings" are always a delight!

Last week, he came home with a real treasure of a book, Find the Good: Unexpected Life Lessons from a Small-town Obituary Writer, by Heather Lende. Yes, you read correctly, "obituary writer!"  I was intrigued and delighted from get-go.

Heather writes about how being the obituary writer for her small town in Alaska brought her wisdom, which she lovingly shares in this book.  These are great life-lessons like, "Be sure your dog walks you, or Put on a costume now and then, and, one of my favorites, "Listen to your mother," to name a few.

In her telling of the lives of the people she knows, loves and respects, she finds the lessons that she relates to her own life.  She tells her tales as one would if they were sitting across the kitchen table from you sipping tea and reminiscing.  Never preachy, never judgmental, simply wisdom shared. Her warmth, understanding, ability to laugh at herself and compassion jump from the pages.

I highly recommend reading Find the Good!  


Lucy martin said…
Obituaries fascinate me...I may have to read this. thanks!

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