Resolutions that Work!

Quite a few years back, I realized that making resolutions for New Year's was often a futile and humiliating process.  After all, most people never make it past the first month of the new year, let alone all twelve, before failing.  Once I realized this, I set about changing.

A resolution should be something that A. is easy to accomplish, B. brings you as much satisfaction as it does anyone else and C. add to your life (and to the betterment of the world).  In the past few years, I have found gratitude daily, looked for beauty in each day, discovered moments of joy, etc. Rather than getting to the end of another year feeling like a failure, I have come to the end of the year feeling such wonder, gratitude and joy!  

Joy was the word I chose last year.  At first, it took a bit of imagination and creativity to find joy-filled moments, but before long, my daily list was endless!  Yes, and that includes the difficult days.  Let me explain!

Take for instance the day I had to have my gallbladder removed.  Nothing joyful in surgery, right?  Right!  But, my joy was in the fact that the surgery was moved up because an emergency allowing my dear "soul" sister, Nancy to give me almost 2 hours of uninterrupted Reiki!  I was so calm, the doctor didn't think I needed meds to relax me before they took me to the OR!

So, here I sit, only a short 6 hours before the New Year comes ringing into our lives.  What will my resolution be this year?  Hmmmm...let me think on it.  I'll let you know next year!



The first day of the year is upon us and the word I have chosen as my focus this year is Light.

More on that later...

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