Poems for Literacy

Me reading my poem at Smith College - 2013

For the past 3 Novembers, I have been part of the 30 Poems in November fundraiser for The Center of New Americans.  The Center, or as we say, CNA, is an amazing organization that supports immigrants and refugees in finding and obtaining the resources they need to be productive community members and/or citizens, especially literacy.

As many of you know, I am a teacher and citizenship assistant at CNA.  I love my work and am dedicated to my students and clients.  Participating in 30 Poems in November is a joy!   

I have no problems writing 30 poems during the month.  However, what I do have difficulty with is raising the $500 I have pledged.  I only work part-time, so my finances are limited.  This is where YOU come in.

I am humbly asking if my friends and family could donate $5 or $10 to support my pledge. 

Some people have asked me why am I doing this again - didn't they pledge last year?  Yes, but CNA is a non-profit organization.  We rely on grants and donations to support the work we do at CNA.  Raising funds is a constant, with the 30 Poems in November our major fundraiser. 

The community around us, which is rich in literary talent, is also involved. Many people - teachers, students, writers, single moms, dads who work other jobs - retired community members - are involved in the writing and fundraising. The fact that we have a poetry reading celebration at Smith College's Poetry Center is proof of the validity of our project. So, I can promise that your donations are going to a GREAT cause.  

Thank you ahead of time for your support.  I wouldn't be able to do this with YOU!


Go to - http://www.razoo.com/story/Linda-M-Rhinehart-Neas - to make a donation!  Thanks!!!!!


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