When Words Are Not Enough

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Photo Credit: "Peace dove". Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

I have often written about the importance of Peace, but I am realizing that sometimes our words are simply not enough to make change.  We must act.  Let me give you an example.

If a person stands at the edge of the sea, sees someone drowning and yells, "Swim," he or she will not make a big difference in whether or not that person drowns.  But, if he or she finds something to throw to that person to hang onto or swims out to rescue them or gets in a boat, rowing out to pull them to safety, his or her actions can make a difference.

Simply saying, "We should be peaceful," no longer is enough.  We must act to stop the hegemony of this world.  We must write to our congress people and our leaders, demanding that they stop supporting the oppressors.  We must, in our day to day actions, show others how to live peacefully.

So, what does this look like?  Let me take you through a hypothetical day.

You wake to a new day.  You begin with recognizing, praising, praying, or meditating on the Source of all.  You prepare for your day, giving thanks as you go along for the food, warm water in your shower, your clothes, your family, or whatever you find for which to give thanks.  You drive to work, allowing the other motorists to go first out of their driveway, rather than gunning your motor to get past. Or, perhaps you commute, so you allow the elder to get on first and give them a seat, rather than pushing past oblivious of who is there.

In work, you help your co-workers without thought of who will get credit for the work.  You communicate thoughtfully and with active-listening skills to clients, realizing that you are there to help them, not make them feel small and stupid.  

Back home in the evening, you listen to your family or friends or flatmates, who have also returned from their day away. You gather together and give thanks for the day, recognizing that gratitude helps us realize how "rich" we truly are.

As I said, this is hypothetical.  Your day may be completely different.  You may be battling a horrible disease, or holding the hand of a dying loved one, or traversing the hills and valleys of a dysfunctional relationship.  However, whatever your day brings you, you can choose to live that day centered in peace; thereby sharing that peace with others.

The horrors of the world around me have made me acutely  aware of the need for action.  Yes, I am but one person, but, I have a voice and I have the ability to write.  So, I have written (my action) on my blog, to my senators and representative, to the president, to friends and relations.  I have asked those in power to do what is just and right to stop the oppression, the genocide, the horror.  

My Light is small, but if it is joined by your Light and the Light of others, we can illuminate the dark corners of the world.  We CAN make a difference, but we must act, even if that action is simply a letter sent to a leader, or a door held, or a hand given in times of need, that action sends ripples across the Universe.

May the words written here tonight touch the hearts, minds and souls of others and may they join me as we work towards bringing Peace to our world.  



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