Promise of Spring

 Gray Winter Garden January 2007
Seven years ago this past January, I began this blog as part of a teacher training I was taking.  Looking back over the past seven years, so much has happened.  Reading the first blog entry I ever created made me smile, especially after this VERY snowy winter. 

In spite of that, it seems that there is still much truth in what I wrote.  Let me share it with you, again.
After living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I never thought I would be depressed because it hasn't snowed! The lack of white stuff here in New England is so disheartening.

What is it about snow that makes most people feel good? Could it be that the sparkling flakes create a fantasy world in the sunshine or moonlight? Or, is it that the child in us longs to run headlong into a snow drift rolling over, arms waving madly, to create a snow angel?

It is gray out at the moment. It feels as if the world is in limbo. Nature isn't dead, but it's not alive and happy either. I have brought spring inside. There are paper whites and amaryllis growing on my windowsill. They will lift me out of the doldrums, once they bloom. Until then, I look for other signs of growth and renewal.

I don't have to look far. My daughter has sent an email with new pictures of my granddaughter attached. Suddenly, my life is filled with sunshine, fantasy, rebirth, re-creation and Light. Nothing fills me with delight like the smile on Addie's face. What a blessing!

Addie and my daughter Courtney February 2007
Winter came very late that year!

What a blessing, indeed!  

Adelaide, the first of my seven grandchildren is now sending me emails and the stories she so expertly writes.  No paper whites on the windowsill this year, but the violets are in bloom along with my shamrock plant and they give me a hint of the spring to come.

 Snow drops from last March

Of course, it may be until May before all this snow is gone, but, here and there are signs of spring's arrival.  Robins are hopping around finding patches of earth from which to pull half-frozen worms.  In sheltered spots, snowdrops and crocus are appearing.  And, if one looks close enough, you can see the buds on the trees and bushes fattening up for their long awaited blossoming.

May the promise of Spring bring a new sense of wonder, a heightened awareness of renewal and rebirth and joy that abounds when Life becomes new once more.



Julie Luek said…
Spring does just feel so hopeful, doesn't it? Something about even the smell of the air promises a change of scenery and renewal. I feel like that with the first snowfall too, so can understand your sentiment. It took represents a change and something to look forward to. I love the seasons. Where I live in Colorado, we skip spring and launch into winter. It's still snowy and bare here. I love how children can signal, also, a change in life and new chapters. :)
Beautifully stated, Julie! Yes, children can signal a great change in our lives.
I thought that being a mother was the best thing in the world, then I had grandchildren. I have never known such joy and happiness!
Blessings of is almost here!

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