The Joy of Flowers

One of the best things we did when we began our attempts at being "Green" was to purchase a farm share.  In our community they are called CISA (Community Involved in Sustainable Agriculture) shares. In other communities these shares may be called CSA or Community Supported Agriculture.  However way you call them, they are a wonderful way to support local farms as well as help keep our planet healthy.

Our share comes from a family run farm down the road from us.  Enterprise Farm is filled with young men and women who are dedicated to creating a healthy environment for both themselves and their community.

One of the best parts of our share program is that the farm offers pick-your-own veggies as well as flowers.  Each week during the summer and early fall, we can go to the farm and cut our own flowers.

Subsequently, my house is filled with small vases of colorful flora that brighten up dark corners and surprise visitors because I place them in unusual places - like in the middle of the hallway bookcase or among my family photos.

Flowers, I learned long ago, bring a healing and peace-filled energy into a space.  This is why we bring flowers to people who are ill or give flowers to those who are in mourning.  Flowers speak of love, friendship and kindness. They can welcome new neighbors or simply let someone you know that you are thinking of them.

When we get our flowers each week, we share them with some of the elderly neighbors.  You should see their faces when we bring them a fresh cut bouquet! I am always amazed at how something so simple can bring so much joy.

So, the point of this blog is two-fold.  First, I encourage all to find out about CISA/CSA shares in their community.  Second, I want to share how much flowers can mean, especially to those who are shut-in or sick.

May we all strive to make the world a better place!



Julie Luek said…
I bet there is a link between the chemical change in our brains and seeing and smelling flowers. I love the idea of CSAs-- good for you!
Oh, I am sure of it Julie. Flowers are so healing and being in the garden or anywhere in Nature is so good for us.


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