Impulse or Intuition?

Gloria Loring
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A few weeks ago, I introduced Gloria Loring's book, Coincidence Is God's Way of Remaining Anonymous.  Since then, I have had time to sit and absorb her words.
The first thing that hit me was how similar our life paths have been, but then I was taken by the wisdom of her writing.  Gloria shares details from her life in a way that only someone who has wrestled with demons can.  She speaks frankly and with great warmth.  
The idea that there are no coincidences in life was not a hard sell for me.  I have seen how intuition can play in one's life and have, since childhood, listened to my angels/higher power/gut.  I have had my own proof that when we dismiss that inner voice, we always wish we hadn't.

What I found most helpful in Gloria's book was how she guides the reader into knowing whether they are actually hearing an inner voice or simply the monkey mind chattering away.  Is what we hear impulse or intuition?  

Gloria puts it so simply, comparing our brain and consciousness to a computer. "When a problem arises, your default programs boot up...they waste time and energy, and they may even cause your computer (you) to overload and crash."  Impulse, she says, needs immediate action.  Impulse puts you in flight or fight mode.  But, intuition is "like linking up with the Internet and downloading new and improved data."  

Intuition takes more time.  For me, I know it is intuition when I get the message three times...which is something Gloria also speaks about in the book.  

Of course, coincidence also comes with some forceful messages, too (rather than intuitive messages).  Like the time I was about to step off the sidewalk and felt someone pull me back so that I fell on my bottom, just as a bus came whizzing around the corner.  When I looked, no one was there.  I was alone on the street. Alone and very much unharmed.

The point is, if we look with our hearts and listen with our spirits, we will find that "we choose love instead of fear, for ourselves and for those around us."

Thank you, Gloria, for your inspiring words, your deep wisdom and for being brave enough to share you story with us all.

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Anonymous said…
Wonderful post reminding us to listen to our gut (or heart) and not our chatter! And you are so right--it is those times we do not listen to our inner voice that come back to haunt us :)

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