A Flicker, A SPARK, A Flame!

English: Campfire with sparks in Anttoora, Fin...
English: Campfire with sparks in Anttoora, Finland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the past few years, I have been taking part in a wonderful collaboration called SPARK.  SPARK, a quarterly event that brings together artists, writers and musicians, is the brainchild of Amy Souza, a writer and artist in her on right.

Just a few days ago, the most recent event, SPARK 17, came to an end.  For me, it was one of the best, yet.  

For SPARK 17, I was both an artist and a writer.  I submitted a Flash Fiction piece I had written and a photograph that I enhanced with GIMP.  My partners, both very gifted and talented woman, sent me an inspiration piece to respond to, also.  One was a painting, the other a poem.  

You can see the results of our work by clicking on the following links:

My flash fiction and Liz Mathews painting.

Liz Mathews painting and my poem. 

Ana Gonçalves poem and my photo.

My photo and Ana Gonçalves poem.

What a pleasure it was to work with two uniquely different people.  I felt challenged and inspired by each in different ways.  For instance, the moment I saw Liz Mathews painting, I immediately had the words to the poem dancing in my head.  On the other hand, Ana Gonçalves' poem touched me deeply, but I was challenged by how I would respond to its deep meaning and beauty.

My thanks to Amy for catching a flicker, creating a SPARK and managing the flames of our creations!


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