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I just finished the latest round of collaborative work with the "Get Sparked" initiative. I have to say, this project is a wonderful means of getting the creative juice flowing.  For those who have not heard of the Spark collaborations, they were started by Amy Souza, who is a freelance writer and editor in Arlington, Virginia. She founded SPARK in 2008. The project began with 20 participants—10 artists and 10 writers—and June 2012 marked the completion of its sixteenth round. Learn more about Spark and Amy, visit a previous post at:

This time round, I participated as both a writer and an artist.  I never thought of myself as an artist, but, I am.  I love to create. Producing a work of art using digital photography has been a joy.

The following are my artistic creations for SPARK 16. I am sharing both the works that didn't make it to the final cut and the final offering.  The process is as much fun as writing! 

 I used an oil painting filter on this photo I took of my grandchildren

Oil painting filter in sepia tone

Oil painting filter on canvas in sepia - this was the final product

First try for a story in which a candle in the window brings about the climax.
I pasted the candle into the photo of the old window.

Second try using one of the filters that uses takes colors in the picture to create an awesome effect

Final creation using paint brush and other filters to create what now looks like a drawing

I invite you to see the actual works at SPARK 16 so that you can see what inspired the photo of the window and what the photo of my grandchildren inspired.

Many thanks to Amy for once again enabling so many artists and writers to create magic together!


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Peggy Strack said…
Beautiful! Artistic expression is so vital to our happiness and spirit. Its importance needs to be emohasized so much more in our modern society. SPARK sounds like a wonderful program.
Thanks for your kind words, Peggy. Yes, SPARK is an awesome program. I have enjoyed being part of it.

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