Simple Beauty

 From Color to Black and White - the first real snow of 2012

Those who know me, know that I am not a big fan of winter.  After all these years, the cold does things to my body, that do not allow me the flexibility of my youth.  That said, I do love how the snow looks when it is fresh and newly fallen.

We have had a very dry winter.  One freak snow storm in October, which took down many of the trees, but very little after that.  This concerns me in that the plants, flowers and trees here in western Massachusetts need the snow to grow properly. 

Then, today...Snow!  The first flakes were tiny and hardly noticeable, rather like the way the Blizzard of '78 began.  I will never forget that blizzard.  I was 8 months pregnant and the whole of Massachusetts came to a standstill!  I went for a walk, after things were plowed...I looked like a penguin waddling down the snowy, deserted roads.

Thankfully, my evening classes were cancelled, so I took some pictures.  I am always amazed at how pristine the snow makes the world seem.  There is just something about the white against the gray/brown of the trees that is so beautiful to me. 

 Same tree just one hour later - Color and Black and White 2012

Simple Beauty at its best!  No need for frills or bling, just white snow against the trees.  I originally took the pictures in color, but to me they already seemed to be black and white, so I enhanced them.  

Changing them to Black and White inspired this poem:


no extras needed here
simply what is
the delicate round of your face
the soft brush of your hair
eyes that look clear and deep
like glacial pools on a hot summer's day

no extras needed here
natural beauty
the curves of your body
the bounce of your step
lips that open to joyous sounds
like angels speaking the secrets of heaven

©2012 Linda M. Rhinehart Neas


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