Christmas Wishes

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This is the time of year for Christmas wishes. You know the drill, it's been asked of you since you were old enough to speak.  

"So, what do you wish Santa to bring you this year?" some well-meaning adult would ask.  

I would lower my eyes afraid to say what really was on my mind, whispering, "Oh, whatever he brings will be fine."

Had I my druthers, I would have answered, "I would love peace and quiet.  A total day where people didn't yell at each other, where there is plenty of food to eat and where love is the gift that everyone gets."

But, what does a kid know?

It's been more than half a century since those days.  My Christmas holidays have become quieter.  No one yells, or says mean things.  

My beloved and I usually spend the morning happily sharing each others company over cups of tea, breakfast and meaningful gifts we have gotten each other.  What is actually quite funny, is that we often get each other the same thing. Last year we both gave the other incense, a book on Native American Healing Plants (different book, same topic), dark chocolate and warm socks.

Just the other day, someone jokingly asked, "So, what are you wishing for this Christmas?"

In a heartbeat, I turned, smiled and said, "I wish that the entire world could come to understand the Christmas message of 'Goodwill, Peace on Earth.' I wish that not one child would go to bed on Christmas Eve not knowing that they are loved beyond measure.  And, I wish that our leaders would stop fighting about who is right, who has more, who is stronger and realize that the only thing that matters is that we take care of each other, that we work together and that we share what we have so everyone has enough."

A little shocked, this person stepped back, shook their head, saying, "Whoa! You don't want much!"
When my girls were young, they would write a Christmas Wish List.  Their wishes were usually very simple.  Here are a few examples Christmas wishes from their teen years:
  • Snow pants (w/o bib thing...I hate those!)
  • Long sleeved shirts - nice ones
  • CD's (Ask my sister to help you.)
  • Wool coat - casual length preferably toggle style with hood
  • Pretty clothes
  • A funky wallet - you know, something silly and colorful...or pretty
  • Giant Lego Set
  • A can of tomato soup
  • A Redrider BB gun...hahaha...this is from the movie!
  Needless to say, the girls had a sense of humor.


It's exactly four days from Christmas.  I still have presents to make, bags to back, food to cook.  Is it worth the stress?  Let me answer that after I have sat for a wee bit with my grandchildren climbing all over me.

May this season of Love, Light and Peace fill you with its riches and bring you the joy of knowing you are loved, and that we are all connected, one to the other. 

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Jim said…
Very beautiful. I love what your wish is. It would be great if our leaders truly did understand that it's all about taking care of each other. Happy holidays!
Linda said…
Thanks for your kind words, Jim. May your holidays be filled with all the best in life.

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