Running on Empty

After four months of job hunting, I am finding it difficult to be enthusiastic. The words from my heart seem frozen. I have become grumpy and sulky.

As I sat meditating today, it occurred to me that part of my funk was caused by the lack of response I have gotten from the various positions to which I have applied.

Maybe I am showing my age, but I do remember when every applicant received a notice, regardless of whether they were interviewed or not. I know because I used to sent those type of letters out once upon a time.  This is, however, no longer the case, which is extremely disheartening.

Let's look at this critically.  Back before email and online applications, people had to apply on paper.  Administrative assistants typed letters of rejection one by one.  It was time consuming, yet, it was a common practice to let people know that they were no longer in the pool of applicants.

Today, we have the benefits of the World Wide Web, email, and online applications. Communications happen in split seconds.  An administrative assistant can type one letter, cut/paste it into the email, sending it to whomever in the blink of an eye.  Does this happen?  No!

In the past four months, I have applied to as many as 20 or 30 positions.  From all of those, I have had two acknowledge receipt of my application and one send a note saying, "Thanks, but we hired someone else."

It may seem silly, but that note made my day!  Someone was actually acknowledging that I existed.  The fact that it was a rejection didn't matter, someone cared enough to write a note to me.

As I said, I came to realize this morning that my funk was due to not hearing anything from anyone in a long time.  Fortunately, I am good at rallying my spirits.  After a long walk and a sit out in the garden, I am ready to face another day of job searches.  Someone out there needs my talents and skills.  We just have to find each other!


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Anonymous said…
Thanks for your is definitely the bridge that keeps me connected to you and what is happening in your life. I'm sorry its been a hard road to travel but an outcome will happen soon!! How true it is just to hear they received your acknowledgment....HELLO I'M HERE!!. Keep your chin up .....and thaw.
Thinking of you,
Anonymous said…
dear, dear LL. I think the hardest job there looking for a job. Wish I had one to offer you! xoxoxo HH
Anonymous said…
Hello Linda,

Finding a job is one of the most stressful things we do in life. Remember that there is a perfect fit for you and your potential employer out there somewhere. All the rejects are bringing you closer to the right one. Keep looking and you will find them.

Linda, I am sending you a rain of blessings for finding the right job for you!
Hi Linda,

Don't worry. Whatever is meant for you will happen. Your talent is a light that will shine in the right opening. Use this time to reflect on your blessings and before you know it, you will be sharing them again.

Like Miruh, I am also sending you blessings and positive vibes for your next adventure.

Hang in there.
Linda said…
Dear Friends...

Your loving comments and support has touched me. Thank you!

I continue to open to what the Creator has for me. I know it will present it self in time.

I feel stronger knowing there are so many dear souls holding vigil with me.

Blessings of peace and love to you all!

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