Grand Mothering

It's 20 till 11 in the evening and I am just finding time to sit down and post a new blog entry. My days of late have been full of the joys of "grand mothering."  That is mothering to both my daughters and granddaughters.

My newest joy arrived a week early and threw us all into a tizzy.  She was a planned c-section, so coming early wasn't even considered.  It is amazing how much one can accomplish in 24 hours when one must!

Kaia is a delight and a joy to sister Chloe.  As a new big sister, Chloe is helping to care for her sister.  She sings to her, worries about the fact that she has a "yucky belly button," and get diapers as needed.

Of course time with Chloe and Kaia also means time with my other two granddaughters who live close by.  We had a lovely day at the beach while Kaia and Mommy were still in the hospital.

The cousins really enjoy playing together.  The bottom picture shows the three of them looking for fairies. 

All in all, I am enjoying being with my girls and their girls.  I realize how blessed I am to have them all here with me healthy and happy.  It is a grand time for mothering!


Alv0808 said…
Glad to know you feel happy. Those a blessed moment with them surely a best for memories..

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