National Memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

I almost deleted the email.  I didn't recognize the name of the person sending it to me.  However, something told me to wait...take a look...this was important.

Clicking the email open, I read quickly about the National Memorial to Dr. King.  The representative from the Build The Dream organization who wrote to me sent a link to information on the Memorial.  I will attach that link here, but first, take a moment to watch the video below that brought me to tears.  It has a clear message, but one done with such Zen-like simplicity that it reaches out to cause the heart and soul to quake.

When Dr. King gave his, "I have a dream" speech, I was ten years old. Little girls didn't dream as big as being president in 1963. We dreamed of being wives and mothers, or maybe a nurse or a teacher, but not president, at least not with any real hope that it would ever become real.

Some forty-seven years ago, I sat on the living room floor listening to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. share his dreams for the future.  Now, I can sit in my living room at my computer watching a video of a little girl with a dream that I know has more of an opportunity to come true than ever before in the history of our country. This is a great and wondrous happening!

I encourage everyone to check out the links on Dr. King and the Memorial. I know that whatever you can do to support the completion of the memorial will be gratefully appreciate, not only by those involved in its creation, but also the millions of visitors who will come together from around the world, perhaps stopping for a moment to watch, "little black boys and black girls...join hands with little white boys and white girls and walk together as sisters and brothers" in Peace and Love, all because a great man once dared to have a dream. 


Anonymous said…
Beautiful and inspiring!
Thanks for sharing this.

Happy Spring!

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