All Soul's Day/All Saints Day

Having been brought up Roman Catholic, I can never travel Life's Path on October 31 and November 1 without thinking of all my loved ones who have moved ahead on the Path and entered the next existence.

This past year, I have created my own Memorial Altar...a kind of "Day of the Dead" memorial on which I have pictures of my loved ones, some of my brother's ashes and a candle burning. Each time I pass, I pray...prayers of thanksgiving for their being part of my life, prayers for peace of spirit and mind, prayers of love.

When I was a child, it was creepy to think of people's spirits hovering close to us after death. As an adult, older and I hope wiser, I take great comfort in this thought. I have felt the presence of my mother and father over the past year during different times when I needed a bit of guidance or when I wished I could share a moment with them. I have felt my brother's spirit lingering at home, finally at peace, with my beloved and I. I have felt the loving spirit of a dear friend who, like me, was an educator and writer.

All Soul's Day and All Saint's Day are for me a continuous celebration of Life. During both, I remember my loved ones, celebrating their lives, sharing memories that for me are still so real I can touch them and recognizing the gifts of love, friendship and grace they each gave me.

It is no longer creepy to think of death. I have come to a clear understanding that it is simply a part of Life. I have seen the full circle of life as a birthing coach and as a Reiki master holding the hand of a dying patient. The work is the same, it is only the direction that is different. A new child enters this Life, while a person dying exits. The door is the same.

I like to think of it this way: my loved ones have run ahead of me on Life's Path. They have journeyed into a new land. On occasion, they send a spiritual telegram to let me know they are fine and that I will be, also. It is comforting.

May you all find peace-filled memories of your loved ones who have run ahead on Life's Path today and tomorrow and all the tomorrows to come until we meet with them again.


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