Mending Wall

When I was young, my mother would read Robert Frost's poetry to me as a treat. I always loved the pictures his words created in my mind.

One of my favorite poems was, Mending Wall. On the surface, it is a story of how each spring the writer goes and mends the rock walls that have been toppled by the frost heaves of winter. However, the deeper meaning speaks to the reader of how we wall ourselves off from others, keeping people at bay so that they do not learn too much about us.

I always felt sad when the neighbor in the poem says, "Good fences make good neighbors." It is clear that he is not interested in "how" the wall toppled, only that it be repaired as quickly and efficiently as possible. The writer on the other hand seems to enjoy musing on the various possibilities of the deconstruction...elves were always my choice!

On a recent trip to South Dartmouth, Massachusetts, I took pictures of some of the rock walls which make up this community's boundaries. They are beautiful, strong, and for me, do inspire the fancies to search for elves and fairies.


Liara Covert said…
Found you through Alexy's blog. Every human being is slowly working to breakdown psychological, emotional and other self-created boundaries. Love the post you offer about Mathiri's new initiative for Swaziland. Compassion is powerful energy. Sincere altruism and love move mountains and empower others to transform their own lives.
Linda said…
Welcome, Liara! I am so happy you found my humble offerings.

Yes, we humans are at the same time, breaking down the walls that divide us and mending or building relationships which the walls have damaged.

Wishing you soft Peace and gentle Love...Linda
Liara Covert said…
Linda, your reflections ring true. As a person acknowledges some level of discomfort, this is a sign that change is invited to create new levels of inner harmony.

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