Inauguaral Poets

As a poet and writer, I read and listen to the poetry of others as often as I can. This enables me to hone my skills as a poet. Often, I am touched by the words of others. Elizabeth Alexander, who read her poem, "Praise song for the day" touch my heart and soul on Tuesday. Here is a video of that recitation.

Equally as beautiful and as pertinent today as they were in 1993, are the words of Maya Angelou.

Let us "study war no more" and "praise song for the day!" Amen!


Anonymous said…
Dear Linda,

Thanks for posting these videos of these two poets who connect us to the love and hope we envision.

The language of poetry speaks to our hearts and souls and quicken the sentiments within us that they portray.

May you walk the beauty path, may love ever surround you!

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