Day of Thanks

Thursday many of us around this country will gather with family, friends, friends that feel like family and/or family that we wish were friends. There will undoubtedly be bountiful feasts prepared...some perhaps from our own gardens...most prepared by someone in attendance. Children will run around gleefully playing, football games will be held at many high school fields, some folks will sit together to watch the parade and to see their favorite pro teams battle for THE title, mothers/grandmothers/aunts/sisters will gather in the kitchen to prepare their specialties. Finally, everyone will sit around a table filled with mouth-watering delicacies to eat.


Here is where I make my humble request. It will only take a moment.

Before everyone digs into the food, whether there are only two or thirty-two of you gathered, take a moment to reflect on the feast before you. Take a moment to realized how blessed you are. Take a moment to explain to the children that they are privileged in a world where so many go hungry. Take a moment to see that, even with the economy dipping, even with some of us out of work, even with bills to be paid, we are blessed! Take a moment to fill your hearts and minds with Gratitude that in spite of it all, we have eat, to keep us warm, to comfort us, to fill our hearts with love.

Before everyone forgets just why we are gathered together this Thursday, take the time to remember. Remember that Gratitude is not limited to one day a year. Remember that this Day of Thanks goes beyond Pilgrims, or turkey, or football. Remember that whatever your ethnicity, your nationality, your religion, Gratitude is a uniting energy. Remember that no matter how difficult your life seems at this moment, there are others who would gladly stand in your shoes and give humble thanks for the opportunity.

Before everyone begins the chatter of dinner table conversation, take a moment to be silent. Listen for the united beating of each heart. Listen for that soft voice inside that calls you to be your best. Listen for your own heart opening in Gratitude for all you are given.

Take a moment, remember, listen and then in a voice rich with sincerity, Give Thanks knowing that this simple act will ripple out into the cosmos blessing us all.

May the Gratitude I feel for all of you fill your hearts with Love and Peace on this Day of Thanks.


An Kaya said…
My beloved Linda,
Have I ever tod you you're a miracle in my life?
Have I ever told you I'm proud you accepted to be my far away friend?
Have I ever told you I hope some day I will be as wise as you?
Thanks for being in my life and never letting me go.
Tons of love from
Maithri said…
Giving thanks for your gracious presence in this world,

With love to you,


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