350 Bell Ring and Crop Walk

A view of Mount Sugarloaf as we walk to end hunger

It was the most perfect autumn weekend. The sun lighting up the maples in glorious sunrise/sunset splendor. The sky was that crystal blue that only appears in New England on crisp autumnal days. It was the weekend of the socially conscious, the activist, the tree-huggers, the dog-lovers and me!

350 Bell Ring at South Deerfield Congregational Church

We started the weekend with our 350 Bell Ring for Climate Awareness. The evidence that the climate has gone to the dogs was apparent when a four-legged friend stopped by to ring the bell!

Four-legged friend comes by to ring the bell

At the finish of Crop Walk...tired but happy

On Sunday, another gorgeous day, we held the Franklin County Crop Walk to End Hunger. I did the 2+ mile loop, others took the 5+ mile loop up and down the rolling hills of South Deerfield. The walk raised over $20,000.

Resting in the arms of a friend, Miss Maple

If you are interested and want to help end world hunger, click on this link and make your donation. http://www.churchworldservice.org/CROP/walkweb.html

Other info on climate awareness and what you can do to help bring the carbon levels down can be found at http://www.350.org


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