Go Gratitude!

Gratitude...for some it is mere politeness, for others acting with gratitude is noble, but for a few wise souls, living every moment in Gratitude is, as Johannes Gaertner has written, pure "Heaven."

Several years ago, I was introduced to the idea of Living Gratitude by a program I saw on the Oprah Winfrey Show. I began keeping, as Oprah had suggested on the show, a Gratitude Journal. At first, I had trouble filling the pages, but as I began to Live Gratitude, I began to see reasons to be grate-full even in the hardest of times. What is amazing is that the more I lived a grate-filled life, the more for which to give thanks!

Two years ago, I happened on the "Go Gratitude" web site. It has confirmed what I have learned from my Gratitude Journal and then some! Worldwide, hundreds of thousands of people have signed up to take the Gratitude challenge. It has changed lives around the world.

This is the Go Gratitude image.
It is one of the most frequently used symbols in all the world in every culture. A Spiral! This spiral made up of the "g" and "o" in GO. As you begin to Live Gratitude, you begin to see the spiral in the most amazing places! It is a reminder to GO with Gratitude!

Stacey Robyn and her beloved, Ken are the enlightened souls that brought Go Gratitude to the world through the internet. How grate-full I am to have connected with their vision of a world filled with Gratitude, Love and Peace.

Here is Stacey and Ken's video which will give you just a hint of the many places you might find the reminder to Live a Life of Gratitude. As you contemplate the video, remember in the most unusual corners of the world there is a myriad of fellow beings who are grate-filled for YOU!


An Kaya said…
My dearest Linda,
I love this!!!!!
Gratitude is so important. Remember our mail about being blessed?
Lots of love for you and all yours,

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